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Our Story

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People don’t buy goods and services.  They buy relations, stories, and magic.” This has always stuck with me when I started this business. I knew I wanted to make a difference in our industry, and I knew our program would do just that- it delivered results. Every single client that followed the program learned to swim! But that was just one aspect of what I wanted for this company. Of course a great product was important, but a great experience was what I wanted for our clients. The relationships between student and teacher are so special here, we truly care about your children and who they are as a person. We don’t get as much time with you parents but we think that relationship is just as important, we need you to make our programming complete. You know your child best, when we work together we can put together the best game plan for them to succeed! I’ve always wanted our clients stories to tell the story of what we do! That’s why I post real content! It’s how we show off what this program gives our students, and when you share your story it supports who we are as a small business! There is magic in seeing a child accomplish skills independently in the water. If you’ve experienced this as a parent then you know, if you haven’t had that break through yet in your lessons, just wait- it’s the most heart warming, “proud mamma moment” you’ll experience poolside! 

Our Method

Personality profiling allows us to select the right teaching style for your child. learn more...

Our Team

Our Team

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