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Our Program

Infant Lessons

Survival lessons for infants can begin as early as 4 months old. At this age we will introduce them to the basics of survival swimming. There are two different approaches to infant lessons; your goals for your child will determine how often we need to see them in the pool.

Our team will introduce them into water, gently take them through the fundamental survival skills and always comfort your little one in this new learning environment. Lessons are recommended 3 times a week

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Survival to Swimming

For our toddler and children age group we jump right into the fundamentals of survival swimming. ​They will learn to swim on their tummys, float on their back, learn to roll over, get to walls safely and jump and slide into the pool! Once survival skills are mastered we progress their skills into a more independent/ problem solving skill set. While teaching these skills, we will also work on building confidence, learning respect for their personal limits in the water, and establishing safe practices. Lessons are recommended 3 times a week.

Stroke Work + Development

Strokes can be taught at any age, even into adulthood. Our program can be customized to any skill level. So if you want to learn to swim or need some refinement or training for an event, we are here to help! For our teenage and adult clients we recommend booking a double lesson. (40 minutes long) Our staff will work with you to achieve the goals that brought you to our pool! 

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