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  • How often should I schedule my child's lessons?
    Consistency is key, and the more we see you the more your child will progress. Coming 4 to 5 times a week is considered a fast track option for families wanting to progress quickly, for example families going on a trip wanting to their little ones to get safe fast! Coming 3 times a week is what we recommend for EVERYONE! This allows the child to get used to the lesson routine and bond with their instructor, stick with this schedule for at least 1 to 3 months. Coming 1 to 2 times a week is what we consider a maintenance program, so if you are happy with were your child is in their skill set, move them into this routine so they can work on maintaining those skills. If they begin regressing we recommend bumping up your weekly lesson count. Double lessons (40 minutes) are a great way to get extra pool time with out making multiple trips to the pool in a week. So if you have a big commute or have an older child working on strokes we recommend snagging 2 slots back to back!
  • How do I schedule a lesson?
    All scheduling is done online, here is a step by step to help you get started! To start: Click Sign In. Create an account. Go to your Dashboard to add your kids information in by clicking "add learner." Once you do this your account will be credited a Free Trial lesson. OR Purchase your lessons, they act as a credit on your account and will be deducted as you reserve time slots. Lesson credits can be split between siblings. Click the Pool tab at the top, You can sort the calendar by Instructors or Open time slots. Choose a time box then select the child you want in that time slot, and Wahla! Its yours! Everything you booked will be listed on your Dashboard and can be added straight to the calendar on your phone. We will also send a reminder email each Sunday of the upcoming classes you have that week.
  • What can I expect on the first day?
    Day 1 is what we call the evaluation lesson. We will take your child through 5 fundamental skills to see how they react in the pool, we will personality profile your child. Are they fearless, timid, stubborn, or analytical. Based on that we will begin customizing their lessons! We want to know your goals and what brought you to Aquatics Academy, we are here to help! During lessons its normal to experience some crying. Think of it this way, we are strangers, the pool is a strange place and we are putting them new situations. So its best to let us, as instructors, bond with your child (sometimes with you hiding) and begin to get familiar with the routine of swimming lessons! At the end of your first lesson your instructor will give you a personalized game plan of how often they recommend you schedule lessons, and what to expect along the way. Don't hesitate to ask any questions, we want to help and make this an incredible experience for you and your child.
  • More scheduling tips....
    Each month on the 15th at 8am we will add a new month of booking to our calendar. This allows you to book 2 to 3 months in advance. We offer early access booking on the 14th of the month for an additional fee. We offer recurring lessons, this will be set up with our scheduling coordinator. Contact us to begin. We recommend sticking with the same teacher or maybe 2, you can join any instructors waitlist if you are not able to get a lesson with your favorites. We have a no refund policy, so please keep that in mind when making purchases. Your lessons can be transferred to other accounts. All regular priced lessons have a 6 month expiration date. Promotional or sale lessons will specify when the expiration date is and may vary depending on the promotion.
  • How do I cancel or reschedule a lesson?
    We require a 24 hour notice when canceling a lesson and cancellations can only be done online. If you are outside of that time frame, start on your dashboard, find the listed date you wish to make changes to and click the calendar icon, your time slot will be highlighted, select and confirm the cancellation. The lesson will be removed from the schedule and credited back to your account. For same day rescheduling, you must call us prior to the lesson beginning. Our customer service team can assist you in switching class times. If your child is sick the day of, you can try to reschedule this with your instructor, but due to their busy schedules, we can not guarantee a reschedule time or credit of the lesson. It will be considered a No Show and you will be charged for the time slot. We do offer a cancellation insurance that can be purchased at any time for $25/month. This will allow you to cancel any lesson up until the minute it starts with no penalty. You can also bring another child or give the lesson slot to a friend. If you are making a change of student the day of, please contact us.
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