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We'd like to Offer you a reoccuring time slot...

The Recurring Offers Program

Traditionally our clients make their own schedules using our online calendar, while this flexibility has been wonderful for many families, sometimes you just want something consistent that you don't have to think about. Along came our Recurring weekly lesson option.


Once you find a teacher that you love, we have the availability to "offer" you a spot on their schedule month after month. No need to login on the 15th and fight for time slots. Once you accept an offer you will hold that spot until you tell us you're done. We take the stress off of you, and help create the perfect schedule for your family. Discounted for the Fall & Winter months, there is a nominal fee of $1 per accepted lesson. Example: Your offer contains 8 lessons this month but you are out of town for 1 week. So you only accept 6 lessons, you will only be charged $1/lesson for the 6 that you accepted.

Quick How To


Getting Started

When you fill out the form you will be connected with our scheduling coordinator who will begin the process of building your Recurring Lessons Offer.


Offer Day - 10th Of Month

This is the day of the month that all offers go out. You will have 4 days to respond. You must respond in order to keep your offers from month to month.


Email & Notifications

You will receive an email at 8am each day that you have an outstanding offer on your account. You will also see a notification at the top of your account when you login.


Choose Your Learner

The MOST important part of an offer is to make sure that you select which learner you want for each lesson. If needed, you can decline the spot.


Submit & Sit Back

Hit the "Respond To Offer" button at the top and you're able to sit back and relax that your lessons are scheduled for the whole month and you didn't have to rush past others.