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Traditionally our clients make their own schedules using our online calendar. While this flexibility has been wonderful for many families, sometimes you just want something consistent that you don't have to think about. Along came our Recurring weekly lesson option.

Once you find a teacher that you love, we have the availability to "offer" you a spot on their schedule month after month. We setup recurring lessons at least 1 month in advance. No need to login on the 15th and fight for time slots. Once you accept an offer you will hold that spot until you tell us you're done. We take the stress off of you, and help create the perfect schedule for your family. There is a nominal fee of $3 per accepted lesson. Example: Your offer contains 8 lessons this month but you are out of town for 1 week. So you only accept 6 lessons, you will only be charged $3/lesson for the 6 that you accepted.

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