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Swimming has always been a part of me, I could swim before I could walk. Though I knew teaching swim would always be part of my life I did not expect to be running and owning my own business. Early on in teaching, I realized there was a blind spot in our community when it came to swimming lessons; learning to swim is not made a top priority. Swimming is not just a sport, it’s not just a summer activity, it’s a lifesaving skill. This blind spot drove me to realize the importance of building an educational swim program. Luckily, many agreed, and our swim community quickly grew. What was supposed to be a side job turned into a career and legacy for my family and for our community. I could not have imagined we would be where we are today.

As we grew and outgrew our space, we found the opportunity to take over the South Jordan Rec Center. We realized that taking over the Rec Center would give us the opportunity to continue to educate and give back to the community by providing programs in swim as well as several other areas. Being the mother of four has taught me that each child has different talents and interests and being able to provide programs beyond swim was intriguing. After many hurdles, a worldwide pandemic, construction delays, and the growing pains that come with expanding a business, here we are… Ready to open our doors to you and your families! 


Our hope is that with our modern take on a recreation center, you’ll find something for the entire family. We plan to create a safe place for all to find joy in being active, learn important life skills, unplug from screens, and make lasting memories. Our programs will follow the same fundamentals that built our swim school. Specialized custom programs that produce tangible results. Our mission is to go above and beyond the standard. We do this by providing convenient scheduling, achievable and sustainable life goals, and providing an amazing staff. Our staff not only goes the extra mile but builds connections and becomes a support to your children. We invite you to come play, swim, and grow with us!


                                                                                                                                                                                                 Alliesha + Anders